Repertoire Quartet Contest

The Miamians held one of an occasional series of quartet competitions on May 7, 2024 during regular rehearsal. Members formed quartets and signed up to sing a song from the Miamians repertoire or Music Medics. Nine quartets competed. The results were as follows:

Place Quartet (Lead, Bass, Bari, Tenor)
1Ultrasound (Bruce, Tim, Zach, Dr. Scott)
2 (tie)Jackson Four (Arne, Enrique, Jim, Ernie)
2 (tie)Junkyard Dawgs (Chris, Dom, Steve F., Jake)
2 (tie)Robert-ones (Roberto, Randy Don, Rich)
2 (tie)Broward Music Medics (Chris, Bill, Steve Randy)
3Last Second Quartet (Enrique, Steve F., Ernie)
4Last Minute Quartet (Chris, Bill, Scott, Rich)
5 (tie)Its Us Again (Bruce, Enrique, Randy, Rich)
5 (tie)Work in Progress (Alex, Mike R., David, Jake)

Quartets came up with their own names, except for Last Minute Quartet and Last Second Quartet, which formed right before the competition.

The Miamians hold quartet contests to 1) provide opportunities for members not already part of a quartet to sing in one and 2) improve the overall quality of the chorus. We have fun selecting quartet members, picking songs and performing them. As an example of the un”component, here is a short clip of Junkyard Dawgs.


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