We are a group of men with varied backgrounds: cook, tech support, teacher, law enforcement, attorney, physician, engineer, to mention a few.

Some of us are new to barbershop, while others have been singing for as many as 34 years. Some have no prior experience singing, while others sang in church choirs, high school,  college or other music groups. Some became interested after hearing a performance by a barbershop chorus or quarets

Why do we sing? We love the sound that we can make together. We enjoy the public service, like singing to children in hospitals and for cities Veteran’s and Memorial day events. 

But most of all, we do it for the friendships we make. As the words to one of our songs say:

Sharing music with friends fills our hearts with song each day
(It’sThe Music That Brings Us Together / Clay Hines)

Here are pictures of some of our members. Click on the picture, and see their singing background, experience and why they love singing Barbershop!

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